Microsoft Responds To Halo Infinite Xbox Play Anywhere Support, Not A Yes Or No

Halo Infinite Xbox Play anywhere support has been in doubts recently as the game’s page on didn’t list that it supports the feature which made everyone believe that the game will not be a part of the program.

GameStop reached out to Microsoft recently for the confirmation and they have replied in a statement which is more confusing and will raise more questions than before as there’s no clarification whether the game will be a part of the program or not.

Microsoft said:

“Halo Infinite is in development for both the Xbox and Windows 10 PC. The studio is taking the time needed to make the best Halo game possible and are we will share more information about the game once we’re ready”

There’s no mention if it will be present or not. It’s already known that Halo infinite is in early development phase so it’s obvious that Microsoft is not ready yet to reveal all the information for the game including the Play anywhere support feature.

Microsoft Play anywhere feature gets you a free copy of the game on the other platform that being Windows 10 or Xbox One. It also supports cross-save functionality basically allowing you to play the game anywhere without spending any extra money.

Halo Infinite will not release anytime soon so we can hope that Microsoft will have an answer for us down the road. Another interesting thing to know from the statement is that Microsoft hasn’t mentioned the Xbox One, instead just Xbox which has us all guessing that it might come on the next gen console.

In other news, Halo infinite will not have a Battle Royale mode and it’s officially confirmed by 343 studios. The developers want to deliver an amazing single player experience for now just like the previous games in the series. Halo Infinite will also be a direct sequel to Halo 5 and it will follow the adventures of Master Chief.