Intel Xeon Scalable CPU Coolers Are Just Plain Ugly

Intel Xeon Scalable CPU coolers have been revealed and while I have not doubt that these will get the job done, putting in the least amount of work in order to push a CPU cooler is something that I have had enough of. While I get that Intel Xeon Scalable series is for servers but these chips can also be used in workstations. Are Intel Xeon Scalable CPU coolers that are functional and look good, too much to ask for?

For comparison, AMD Threadripper CPUs are also used for workstations and the coolers that we have seen from the company are not only functional but have all kinds of features like RGB. They are not only functional but they look good as well. You can check out the new Wraith Riper cooler that AMD is bringing to the table in collaboration with Cooler Master.

Intel Xeon Scalable CPU coolers have the same old industrial design that we expect from Intel and you get the same black fan with the Blue Intel sticker on top, which is just ugly. Other than that, even the wires are not covered and are exposed. I get that this is a server and workstation cooler but is a braided cable too much to ask for? It is 2018, that is pretty common these days.

The Intel Xeon Scalable CPU coolers are rated at 280W which is pretty decent for a cooler provided that you do not have an issue when you look at it. AMD has taken a jab at the Intel Xeon series time and again but it seems that Intel is not going to learn and it is going to keep on doing what it has been doing for years.

Intel Xeon Scalable

While this is the server and workstation space that we are talking about, things are the same on the consumer side of things as well. Intel stock coolers for consumer CPUs are just miserable as compared to the kind of coolers that AMD has to offer. Most of the coolers that AMD has to offer look pretty good. The coolers are black and come with a braided cable, so the wires are not exposed. Other than that you also get lights and RGB in some variants. These are things that the masses have appreciated a lot.

Let us know what you think about the design of these Intel Xeon Scalable CPU coolers and whether or not you agree that Intel needs to step up its game.