Intel Xeon Phi Being Abandoned After 10 nm Delay And Low Demand

Intel Xeon Phi started life as Intel Larrabee and to be honest, it really never took off. While there were plenty of promises from Intel regarding the chip but not many people have shown interest in the chip. Now, years later Intel has decided to give up on Xeon Phi and there are 8 models are going to be discontinued.

The Intel Xeon Phi models that are no longer going to be made are the Intel Xeon Phi 7210, 7210F, 7230, 7230F, 7250, 7250F, 7290 and 7290F. Intel was going to release the next-generation Xeon Phi called “Knights Hill” which was going to be based on the 10nm process. We know that Intel has been having issues with the 10 nm process as it has been delayed plenty of times.

Not only is the delay affecting the commercial side of the business but the consumer side as well. Especially if we talk about the laptop market. Intel has been unable to provide new chips and that has caused a halt in the laptop market. This has left room for AMD and plenty of laptop makers are now offering AMD Ryzen powered laptops instead. Even companies that were not going to release many variants have now introduced plenty of AMD Ryzen powered laptops.

The integration of Vega graphics with the Zen core is something that gives AMD an upper hand as the graphics solution is much more powerful than the integrated graphics that Intel has to offer. The delay i the 10nm process is keeping Intel from competing with AMD head-on. AMD already has the upper hand when it comes to core count.

While we know that the upcoming Intel Coffee Lake S CPUs will have 8 core variants, they are going to be based on the 14nm process. On the other hand, AMD has already released the 2000 series chips that are based on the 12nm process and has already announced that 7nm based chips will be sampled this year. While discussing regarding which process from which foundry is better, it is safe to say that Intel is lagging behind.

AMD is releasing chips after chip and we are getting reports regarding upcoming chips for both desktop and laptops. These upcoming products include the 2500X and 2300X quad-core CPUs. For more news regarding the matter stay tuned to SegmentNext.

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