What’s New In The New GTA Online After Hours DLC? Let’s Find Out

You guys must already be aware of the GTA Online After Hours DLC that just rolled out, however for those who do not know, the GTA Online After Hours DLC is now live and it has brought in, a lot of new stuff as promised. New vehicles, drones, party bus, blimp, weapons, DJs and more. Yes, Gay Tony character is also back, so there is no apparent reason to not check it out.

A sack full of new vehicles, gear, outfits, characters and a lot of new stuff has been brought in. So here we will be giving a touchdown, to some of the things that have been introduced.

Starting off everyone’s favorite, Gay Tony is back and the stuff associated with him too has been added.

Having said that new vehicles include; Oppressor 2 custom bike, a new armored jet plane, Strikeforce has also been added, apart from that in an attempt to give out a more classic car feel, Scramjet and Swinger sports cars are too present in this GTA Online After Hours DLC. The existing stretch limo has been revamped, now you can refer to it as Patriot 2 stretch and two off-roaders Freecrawler and Menace have made an entry in the DLC.

Some of the other vehicles are Mule 2 and Pounder 2 trucks, Speedo 4 van, and a new blip, that advertises the city’s nightlife.

Apart from the vehicles, few of the most interesting things include new drones, in which you can fit stun guns and self-destruct buttons. New DJ characters have been added their names are; Tony Prince, English Dave, and DJ Blamadon,

Last but not the least, for the nightclub some of the most anticipated and top real-life DJs have signed up in order to provide music for the clubs. They are Solomun, Tale of Us, Dixon and The Black Madonna.

Having said that are you excited for the GTA Online After Hours DLC? Let us know in the comments below