Here’s How You Can Get The Destiny 2 Weapon That Players Have Uncovered

A new Destiny 2 weapon has been made available through a new anomaly that you can run in order to get a brand new weapon for the game. The weapon, called the Whisper of the Worm, is a Power Weapon, a sniper rifle in the style of the Hive that is Exotic tier.

However, despite the new look, any veteran Destiny player would recognize the Whisper of the Worm as a revamped Black Spindle, a highly sought-after sniper rifle that was a popular weapon in the original Destiny game. However, like with many Exotic weapons that you can’t buy from Xur, there’s a long and convoluted way to get it.

In order to get this special Destiny 2 weapon, you’ll have to head to Io, where you’ll have to search for a Taken Blight Public Event. While you’re playing that, a Taken Knight will spawn and then make a run for it. Chase him down, and if you kill him before he leaves the cave a portal will appear.

Enter the portal, and you’ll find a Lost Sector and a secret area inside it, which you access by going down a hole. Follow that hole to the end, and you’ll get your special Destiny 2 weapon. However, the event will be ending today, though it will become available again next week, so if you’ve missed your chance this time you can do it quick now when it comes around again.

While there’s plenty of other guns for you to hunt as you come across certain items during gameplay and come across hidden requirements, the Whisper of the Worm is one of the few that we’re actually given a good walkthrough on.

If the directions that we’ve put here aren’t quite what you’re looking for, you can watch the video further up in this article to get a visual version of them.