Fortnite Maintenance To Take Place Today, PlayGround Mode Returns

Fortnite is going down today for maintenance and afterward, it will also bring the new 5.10 anniversary update bringing a lot of new things to the game including the Playground mode and Fortnite founders skins.

Though the previous updates have been released on Thursday, unlike this one which is going to release today on July 24 by breaking the tradition but for a good reason as it’s taking place on the game’s first birthday anniversary. Epic is adding some new content to the game so the game will be down for at least an hour or two. There’s no exact time for how long it will last though.

The servers will go down at 4 am EST / 8 am GMT / 1 am PST on July 24th.

This new anniversary update will bring new skins and a new weapon (combat machine gun). Playground mode is also going to return after its first trial for a week which is really a fun mode to have when you are playing with your friends. The mode will now include team select options and more pieces of information will be released in the patch notes.

The slurp juice after the update will now provide 75 points and prioritize HP. The points will now go towards your shield if your HP is full while consuming.

Also be ready to unlock some special rewards with the Fortnite anniversary special event as the challenges are not so hard and will not be an issue even if you are a casual player. The rewards include Fortnite birthday emote, Happy birthday spray,  5,000 XP, Birthday cake bling and many more.

The latest datamine of the upcoming update has also revealed some of the cosmetic themes which include Scuba diving, espionage, and a punk look.

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