Darksiders 3 Lead Voice Actor Auditioned Just 4 Words. Guess, What Were They?

Darksiders 3 is releasing this November as the last addition to the saga. This time, Fury the fourth sister of the Apocalypse will be the protagonist and her voice will be acted by famous Cissy Jones. What you might don’t know about this fact though is that Jones auditioned only 2 lines (which was only 4 words) to get the part. They are pretty classy too.

During a talk with IGN, Jones talked about her audition for Fury’s role in Darksiders 3 and more. According to her, the audition consisted of just four words. “Hello, brother” and “With pleasure”. This might look easy at first but in the acting world, putting passion in what you say can make the whole difference. Both lines were auditioned for the Darksiders 3 reveal trailer, but after seeing its success Jones knew she had to do the audition for the full game as well.

Regarding her role in the game, Jones also revealed that she not only wants to show how fierce Fury is but also her human side:

“I wanted to take this badass and make her a little more human in certain ways. She has an arc and she goes through stuff that I’m not going to talk about, but [I’m] finding ways to keep her edge, but still bring a level of change to her.”

Voice-acting is not a job to be taken lightly. Given her experience with titles like Firewatch and Destiny 2, Jones knew how to make herself like the badass Fury is, much like she did with her roles before. She also has an interesting opinion on voice-acting in general, pointing out that you have to have a presence in order to succeed on that carrier. She said:

“I get so many people saying ‘Gosh, I just want to do voice over for some extra cash.’ It’s not that easy,” Jones says. “You have to know how to act with your voice and to make it believable and interesting. Also, you have to have a presence. You can’t just walk in one day and decide, ‘I’m going to be a voice actor’ and start working in all the things. It doesn’t happen unless you’re a celebrity.”

Darksiders 3 is an action hack and slash game in development at Gunfire Games for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The game will launch on November 27, 2018.