Anthem Was Not Forced By EA According To Former Narrative Director

Anthem is a game by Bioware and there has been a lot of hype around the game since it was announced. Bioware is owned by EA and Anthem is a different game keeping in mind what the devs have made in the past. Some speculated that EA forced Bioware to make Anthem and to make it the way it is. That does not seem to be the case according to the former narrative director of the game James Ohlen, that just left on 22nd June.

Ohlen talked about this and according to him, this “conspiracy theory” is not true. The following is what he had to say in this regard:

I think one of the things about BioWare has been really good at it, which has allowed it to survive for more than two decades, is taking risks and trying new and different things,

He mentioned that Bioware has a history of innovation and that the company takes the front foot when it comes to taking risks. Ohlen talked about Star Wars: The Old Republic and other games to give examples and the following is what he had to say in this regard:

Neverwinter Nights was quite a bit different when it came out in 2002 and obviously Star Wars: The Old Republic was quite a bit different when it came out in 2011,

Ohlen stated that just because Anthem is an online multiplayer game does not mean that the focus of the studio has shifted. The same is the case with Bethesda as people think that the developer is shifting its focus due to the upcoming online multiplayer Fallout 76 that is coming out later this year.

While Todd Howard has explained that there will be single player games in the future, there are people that are concerned. I guess the situation is the same here. Ohlen further went on to mention the following:

The fact that BioWare is doing something different with Anthem doesn’t mean that BioWare isn’t going to do games that skew more towards the traditional style that BioWare is known for. It’s just a chance to do something a little different. It was driven by BioWare itself, the team. I know there’s a lot of the conspiracy theories that EA is the one behind it, but that’s never been the case. BioWare’s always had a lot of control over the kind of games it makes.

Anthem is easily one of the most anticipated games that we saw at E3 2018 and while there are people that are comparing it to Destiny, the developers have talked about how the game will be different. While EA might have some hand in the direction of Anthem, it is nice to know that Bioware was not forced to take on the project and this reassuring statement gives us hope that Bioware has plenty of creative freedom when it comes to Anthem.

Let us know what you think about Anthem and whether or not you are interested in playing the game when it comes out in February 2019.