Valve Has Banned Over 90,000 Steam Accounts Last Week, New Record For Steam Bans

Cheaters find it necessary to cheat in video games but Valve has taken it very seriously and it went on a banning spree with over 90,000 Steam accounts banned in just a week.

The official ban figure comes from which shows us a huge ban spike last week. With over 28,000 accounts banned on Wednesday, July 18 followed by 60,000 on Thursday and going over 90,000 the next day. These large number of bans were done by Valve Anti Cheat measures which has found a way to track and find cheaters.

Valve Anti Cheat has been here since 2002 and supports more than 300 titles but it’s still unknown what is the main reason behind this crackdown. Last year in July, Valve banned 40,000 accounts which have now been doubled, thanks to the increasing amount of cheaters.

These banned accounts do include some expensive ones such as one account which has been noted to have $30,000 worth of CS:GO skins but now it is completely useless. It will come as a good news for those who play the game fairly and also teaches a lesson to the players who are used to cheating.

In other news, Steam Link app is now available for Android devices which will allow users to stream games directly from your Steam library to your PC or Laptop. The app is also designed for Apple devices but it faced some issues and was rejected by Apple at first but now they are working together and the application will arrive soon on your Apple devices as well.

Valve is also trying to minimize the sexual content from its game library as they have issued mutiple warnings recently for the developers of anime games on Steam to censor sexual content or remove them to avoid being removed from Steam.

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