Spec Ops The Line 2? No,”The Cycle” is a New Game From Yager

Yager Development’s next game in line is a First Person Shooter The Cycle and from the looks, it does seem quite promising and it’s not Spec Ops: The Line 2. Just recently, the studio announced this new game alongside the trailer of the game and as you may see in the video, that the environment in the game will certainly be its selling point. It is very subtle but at the same time, it definitely depicts a lot of hostility in it.

This First Person Shooter The Cycle is a multiplayer game, with cooperative alongside a lot of competitive gameplay elements. Besides killing other humans in the game, players will have a lot of other interactive things to attend to as well. They will be able to take on various quests and so much more.

That said Yager Development has this game currently planned for PC, however, they also plan to release it on consoles as well, sometime in future. At the moment, the devs have not given a release date for this game but hopefully, when more details roll out regarding The Cycle, we will be able to have an idea about its release window.

Even with no release date in sight, the studio has plans to have the closed alpha of the game, coming August. Which seems to point out to the fact that the game is probably in its finishing stages. The applications for the closed alpha are open at the moment, so if you wish you can certainly check that out.

With all that said, for those are not familiar with Yager Development, it is a game developing studio from Berlin, Germany. They have provided a few games in the past but this one seems to be their most amazing project.

Before we conclude, let us assure you that even though this First Person Shooter The Cycle is an online multiplayer game, the company has no plans to make it yet another, Battle Royale game. Seems to be that they are not the only ones, who do not wish to follow the genres of others. The devs of Halo Infinite too have taken a similar approach to this battle royale genre, as the 343 Industries, to have confirmed that Halo Infinite will not be getting a battle royale mode, period.

So let us see what new will Yager be bringing in, The Cycle. What are your thoughts? Let us known in the comments below.