Pokemon Go Registeel Guide – Counters, Best Pokemon, Tips And Tricks

Registeel makes a return into the Pokemon Go series. He appears as a Raid Boss. He is a Legendary Pokemon of Gen-3, Tier-5 and is incredibly difficult to take down. Unless you have this Pokemon Go Registeel Guide, of course.

Our Pokemon Go Registeel Guide will give you tips and tricks on how to deal with Registeel when coming face to face with him towards the end of your raid. We will tell you everything from general tips and tricks to what kinds of Pokemon are best to take him on in this Pokemon Go Registeel Guide.

Pokemon Go Registeel

First, it is important to know that Registeel has 30,596 CP with a varied move set. However, there are quite a few ways to counter this Pokemon. The maximum capture CP is 1,292 without a weather boost and 1,695 with Snow Boost. You will probably need 3-6 players in order to overcome this boss.

There are five moves that Registeel has i.e. Metal Claw, Rock Smash, Flash Cannon, Focus Blast, and Hyper Beam. This is a mix of the Steel-type, Fighting-type, and Normal-type move. Hyper Beam may be difficult to deal with but there will not be that much trouble when dealing with Registeel as far as countering it is concerned.

Registeel Tips and Tricks

As you may have noticed, there is not a lot of damage when it comes to the movesets. As such, you can counter it by using Pokemon of types such as Fire, Fighting, and Ground.

A sunny weather effect would also be great if you are using a Fire-type Pokemon or a cloudy weather effect for the Fighting-type Pokemon. Avoid it in snowy weather at all costs since it will become increasingly difficult to beat it.

Some of the Pokemon that you should try using is Hariyama or Machamp due to their countering abilities and their Dynamic Punch. Flareon due to its Fire-type and abilities such as Fire Spin and Overheat. You can also use Moltres for the same reason or try to use Charizard due to his Blast Burn for something a little different.

Since a lot of you are going to be trying to complete the raid together, you can switch around between these Pokemon so that you have a good mix of both Fire-type and Fighting-type Pokemon for the maximum counter effect. If you are able to defeat Registeel, he will be added to your roster.

That is all we have for our Pokemon Go Registeel Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!