Lawsuit Filed Against Popular ROM Sites By Nintendo For Openly Providing Pirated Games

Nintendo has always been protective of its IP and now the company has filed a lawsuit against two ROM sites for openly providing pirated copies of its video games.

The ROM sites in question are LoveROMs and According to Nintendo, both of the sites are “among the most open and notorious online hubs for pirated video games”.

The lawsuit states that these ROM sites reproduce “staggering” amount of proprietary video games without the permission from the company.

Defendants reproduce, redistribute, publicly perform and display a staggering number of unauthorized copies of Nintendo’s video games, all without Nintendo permission.

Furthermore, the lawsuit points out that both ROM sites are extremely popular with 17 million visitors each month.

Furthermore, because of the illegal distribution of video games, the site has gained “substantial ill-gotten gains” and has caused damage to the company and the existence of these sites further threaten “irreparable injury”.

Aside from providing pirated copies of video Games the ROM sites are also known for providing proprietary BIOS software for a number of consoles.

Furthermore, the company noted that the owners of the sites are not casual gamers and are quite sophisticated.

Defendants are not casual gamers but are instead sophisticated parties with extensive knowledge of Nintendo’s intellectual property and the video game industry more generally.

With the lawsuit filed, the company is demanding to take down of both of the websites along with $150,000 of damages for Nintendo game infringement and $2,000,000 for every copyright infringement.

Since the filing of the lawsuit, LoveRETRO has been taken down and LoveROMs has removed all of the content related to Nintendo.

Speaking of Nintendo, it is no secret that its latest hybrid console, Switch, has been compromised with a number of Switch hacks are now online due to inherent flaw in Nvidia Tegra chips used in Switch.

However, reportedly Switch has been completely compromised which allows the use of custom firmware and homebrew software on Switch.

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Source: TorrentFreak