Life Is Strange Optional Photos Locations Guide

With the release of the popular episodic teenage interactive drama game, Life is Strange on handheld devices; the story is now accessible for all and any players around the world. If you are willing to get the full experience, then you would need to make sure you carry out all the possible interactions. This Life is Strange Optional Photos Locations Guide will help you to identify all the spots where you can perform your photography.

Life is Strange Optional Photos

Life is Strange tells a nice, heart-warming story in a style which relies on dialogues, news bulletins, radio, and pictures. An aspect of this includes the main protagonist expressing her love for art through capturing the moment in her camera. Since there many spots you can miss in the game, we have got you covered.

Episode 1: Chrysalis

As you start your adventure from the classroom, look at your desk for the first chance at taking a picture. Next, once you head outside, you will be able to use your camera near the statue.

The next picture can be taken in the conversation with Justin. Once you are able to get the right dialogue option in the encounter by going back in time, the Tres Flip option, Justin’s friend will treat you to a display of trick. Now, take the picture of him after he falls over.

Next, as you make your way to the dorm, you will come across Victoria and her friends. Avoid them and instead head for the tree with the squirrel nearby. Capture the beautiful moment. The next one is a selfie that you can take in the mirror present in your room of the dormitory.

Once you are done exploring your room, head to Victoria’s and relocate the pictures on her wall. Then take a picture. After heading outside, you will witness that a ball is about to strike in the direction of Alyssa. Warn her, and take a photo of the broken window which arises due to the effect of the ball.

Once you are on the path to the lighthouse, you will notice a big boulder with a bird on it. You will see the prompt to capture a photo, do that. The last picture can be taken as you approach Chloe from the back where she is sitting on a bench and admiring nature. Take the picture from her back.

Episode 2: Out of Time

The first photo in this episode will be of a bunny cage which you can find lying around in Kate’s room. Now head outside the dormitory, and proceed towards a trash-bin on the right.

Search inside to get a candy bar which you will need to place on a bench. Walk away a distance to see a squirrel go for that candy. Capture the moment.

The next picture can be taken if you stand outside the bar. Adjust your camera to observe the whale logo on the top of the bar. Take the picture. Head to the alley near this bar to come to the point where a fence has been erected. Through this, you can see a man sitting and a dog who is barking. Capture this moment.

Now, go inside the bar and to the washroom. Take picture of the writings on the mirror. Once you are on the chapter which involves the garbage dump, take a picture of the school bus by approaching it from the left side. Head to the backside of the bus to see a deer in the distance. Take a photo of it as well.

After you see Chloe lay on the hood of the car, move left and take a photo. Now, during the chemistry experiment in class, help Warren mix the right chemicals. This can be done by going back in time and asking the teacher for some directions. Now you will be able to tell Warren to use ‘chlorine’ in the experiment. Once the deal is successful, take a photo of Warren.

In the classroom, approach Alyssa from the back and take her photo. This is the last one in this episode.

Episode 3: Chaos Theory

Early in the chapter, when you are in Victoria’s room, move close to the dresser to observe a figurine placed on it. Take the picture. Now head outside, and to the bench to see a squirrel run off before you can make it. Rewind time, and you will be able to capture a photo of the same squirrel now on the bench.

Head to the chemistry lab, turn the lights of the aquarium on and capture a photo. Move towards the skeleton now and capture its image too. Now make your way to the headmasters’ office and look at the bronze statue before you capture an image of Chloe.

When you are in Chloe’s house, head to the bathroom and take a selfie in the mirror. For the next picture, perform a series of steps which involve scaring the bird away from various spots. The first one would be when you have to scare off the bird sitting on the fridge in the kitchen. Next, do the same when the bird is sitting on the cabinet next to the TV. Lastly, scare it off the fireplace so it heads outside the window. Go outside to the yard and capture the photo of the bird.

Making your way to the diner, talk to the nearby truck driver. Rewind time to get an additional dialogue option of ‘1977 Needham’, select it. Now take the picture of the truck on the other side of the road. Within the diner, you can find some ants circling around to form a spiral or whirlpool like pattern. Take a snap of it.

In the last chapter, go to the kitchen and you will be able to notice a camera on the shelf thanks to helping from Chloe. Take the last picture to add to your collection in this episode.

Episode 4: Dark Room

In the second chapter of the episode, take a snap of Chloe from the back while she is working on her laptop. Now, in David’s garage, near the entrance, move the desk so you are able to see a bird’s nest. Take a picture of it. Now head outside and in front of the dormitory, near the statue would be some rocks. Capture their picture.

When talking with Samuel, choose the ‘Squirrel’ option so that he throws food in the way of the animal. A second squirrel will join the first one when you choose the ‘Lure’ dialogue option. Now you will be able to capture an image.

In the dormitory, right outside Nathan’s room, there is a window from where you can see the trees in the distance. Capture a photo. Now for the next one, before you head off for camping with Frank, take a photo of the dead stranded whales on the beach.

For the next photo, you will need to check the fences of the barn. There will be a bird sitting on it. If it flies away, rewind time and captures the photo. Now head inside the barn and capture a snap of the sleeping owl.

In the chapter where you head to the Vortex Club, head to the area with the trampoline and take the picture of what appears to be two moons. For the final photo, head to the bathroom of this club by taking a left from the VIP section. Take the photo of some drawings on the low wall.

Episode 5: Polarized

When you find yourself in Jefferson’s classroom, talk with Kate and choose the ‘Comfort’ option which will allow you to take a photo of her. Now in the gallery room, walk to the lower level of the building and you will come across a woman which is sitting in a way that her back faces you. Take the photo of a camera next to her.

Next, converse with Jefferson and choose the ‘One last picture?’ option. This will allow you to capture an image. Now, near Joyce’s bar, you will have to prevent the fire from spreading. Once you have done that, capture a photo of the dead whale nearby.

Heading towards Joyce’s bar, you will notice that if you look up you will see a car lying on the roof. Take a photo of this bizarre moment as well. Again, when you wake up in Jefferson’s classroom, proceed to a table in the middle of the room. Jumble up the writing so it says Chloe 4 Life – take a photo.

When you are in the nightmare and playing as Max, head to the window on the right of the corridor. Out of it, you will be able to observe two squirrels, take a picture. After you have attended Jefferson’s class, go to the Skeleton figure before the washroom, and rewind time to capture a photo.

In the sequence involving lockers of the students, find Max’s and take the photo of the contents inside. The final picture of the game can be taken once you assemble five bottles from the garbage dump. Four of these can be gathered from the orange cans and the remaining one will be on a bench in the room.

This is all we have in our Life is Strange Optional Photos Locations Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!