Ghost Recon Wildlands Adding The Toughest Mode Yet

When it comes to Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands Ubisoft don’t just rely on epic characters cameo appearances.  The Special Operation Pack is due next week on 24th of July and it is going to include a hardcore feature, the permadeath mode.

To make the gaming experience more realistic now you only have one life at stake which could end with any slightest mistake like not being revived timely would mean permanent death along with all accomplishments made throughout would be gone.

Friendly fire is also a likely hazard. This feature would mean careful and selective shooting as reloading ammo hastily would result in unused bullets lost.

Moreover, only one primary weapon will be accessible which can be only switched while raiding boxes or ransacking ammo.
While reading all these upcoming features makes one assume that this Ghost Recon Wildlands mode is going to be one for the pros but worry not it’s going to be available in all difficulty settings.

Another decent feature is that the mode will be free to every Ghost Recon WIldlands. It’s just that to get it for free you’ll have to wait for one additional week (31st July) that too if you do not have a Year 2 Pass.

Besides there more to it than just the hardcore permadeath mode, 2 PvP maps are expected which are going to give the players an opportunity to earn credits in the regular campaign. Along with that, an Observer Mode will allow to view custom matches online and to celebrate your success with a victory screen. Teammate AI can be switched off in the all-new True Solo mode.

Above all this Ubisoft has not let everything slip into our hands and there are a couple of things which have not been completely revealed which shows their will in making Ghost Recon Wildlands an ongoing hit rather than being done once and for all.