Destiny 2 Whisper of Worm Weapon Guide – Complete Whisper Quest, Defeat Bosses, Unlock The Black Spindle

After the recent Destiny 2 update, there is a secret quest that has been discovered. The quest is a little different from others because it gives you a secret portal that is opened for a specific amount of time before it is opened and this Destiny 2 Whisper of Worm Guide will tell you how to complete it within that timeframe. Our Destiny 2 Whisper of Worm Guide will tell you of all that you need to do in order to complete this secret quest in a step-by-step manner.

Destiny 2 Whisper of Worm

When you complete the Whisper Quest, you are rewarded with The Black Spindle. This is a gun from the original Destiny and is one of the most well-known sniper rifles in the Destiny universe. The rifle has now been branded as Whisper of Worm to relate it to the quest.

Let us go ahead and see how to actually start this secret quest and then take a look at what you need to do in order to complete the quest and get your reward.

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How to Complete The Whisper Quest

As you will know, The Whisper is a secret quest that has come along with the latest update and the quest itself is currently shrouded in a cloud of mystery. There are people who are trying to figure it out and thus, we will continue to update this guide as soon as new information is discovered. Let us go ahead and see all the information that is available.

If you want to start The Whisper quest and take on the portal, you need to go to IO and then head to The Lost Oasis. This is a zone in IO and you will need to roam randomly around the area.

Eventually, a yellow bar enemy will appear in the Lost Sector in the area. This is a version of a Hive Knight from the original Destiny and he went by the name of Urzok the Hated.

The fight against Urzok is not going to be easy so be well prepared and have some of your best gear on. Once you are able to defeat the Knight, you will be able to find the portal. Remember that there is a chance that Urzok will spawn after you have completed the taken blight event in this zone. However, that has not been confirmed as of yet so take this with a grain of salt.

Once you have killed Urzok, head on over to the cave and look for a portal which will be spawning near you. You will be able to enter the portal and that will begin the quest. Here, you will get a timer which will start counting down to 0 from 20 minutes.

The first part of the quest has you do a jump puzzle which will make you navigate through the pathways and complete certain puzzles which are challenging but not a lot so most of the players should be able to do this part with a little bit of practice. Try to do this part as fast as you can so you have a lot of time when you get to the actually challenging parts.

The end of the quest will have a lot of Taken and Taken Blights. Destroy them both and kill the three named bosses that you see. These bosses will be Urzok, Drevis, and Ta’urac.

Since only a few people have managed to complete this quest and I am not one of them, we will need to wait for more information as to how you can be better at this quest and increase your chances of success. SegmentNext will update this information as soon as it is discovered.

That is all we have for our Destiny 2 Whisper of Worm Guide for now. We will update this guide as we get more information. Until then, let us know if you have something to add using the comments section below!