Deadpool 2 Super Duper Cut Will Uncover Deleted Scenes, X-Men and Hitler Crossover and More

Hope you’re reading this considering the spoilers warning for Deadpool 2 Super Duper Cut. Actor, Ryan Reynolds who portrays the super-hero who won’t stop talking made a major reveal at San Diego Comic Con’s Deadpool 2 segment that the Marvel’s mocking anti-hero movies are not quite improvised as it is generally anticipated.

Actually the scenes are written by him and his writing companions, Rhett Rees & Paul Wernick proactively design alternate versions for jokes throughout the movie. Later, these jokes are matched on the phone by Reynolds to see which fits best in the arrangement done by screenwriters of specific scenes. This allowed the Deadpool 2 Super Duper cut to change almost all the elements of the movie having alternate versions to each scenario. Producers could possibly make another cut in the future since they have enough stuff to execute it.

Above and beyond the San Diego mega event uncovered some actually deleted scenes too. One of which created such a buzz due to a fairly relatable link of Deadpool with the X-Men. In this scene we see Wade Wilson/Deadpool casually treating himself to a sandwich in the X-Mansion. Meanwhile Wade Wilson converses with his three buddies and the obvious X-Men (Negasonic, Yukio, and Colossus) featured in the Deadpool movies. Scene starts with the famously polished Colossus enjoying a beautiful morning by doing jumping jacks. Negasonic and Yukio are just relishing their morning breakfast at the place looking at Deadpool.

Wade sporting a buttoned blue shirt with khakis is ridiculed by Negasonic for the sexual predator outfit. Colossus comes in to wash his hands and Deadpool gets “rubbed off” in the course. As Deadpool quotes John Candy from Plains,Trains and Automobiles, a John Hughes classic Yukio finds this act’s sincerity as charming but Negasonic can see that Wade’s just acting up.
In the meantime Colossus is having a hard time with the soap dispenser which Wade just refilled. Deadpool suggest that a few more pushes will help him get the white stuff out. Even with this dark humor we get the emblematic comic feel in this scene after an uncanny discussion.

However, the scene which is potentially meant to stir most gossip in town is going to be Deadpool’s crossover with Hitler. The eminent scene in the end when Vanessa’s death is meant to be inverted by going back in time whereas in the course of this task Deadpool ends up killing Ryan Reynolds to prevent him from the Green Lantern silliness. The year Deapool rolls back in this deleted scene is 1889, when Hitler was born.

Deadpool comes up in a hospital room where we see a baby sleeping like a log. After having a long hard look at the Austrian baby he utters I’m going to Hell but hey so are you”. The name on the baby’s crib reads “A. Hitler” as we see Deadpool reaching into the crib his typical remark “Maximum Effort”.

As this would surely upset many viewers and is pretty shady even for dark humor to digest these scenes turned out not making it to the theatrical cut. Even so the audacity of this movie is famous for not being shy of controversy. Besides killing Hitler would mean a completely different paradox of possibilities in the future. Many of the considered events being affected include World War II. If there was no World War II then Magneto’s past shame would also be wiped out? Figuring out timelines has never been this hilariously complex.
Guess once Deadpool 2 Super Duper cut coming out 7th August on Digital and Blu-ray comes out 21st August will help us figure out more.