Is This the Ending of Upcoming DC Movie Aquaman?

The celebrated H Hall at the San Diego Comic Con already lit up with the appearance of cast and crew of Aquaman but when James Wan’s upcoming DC hit’s premiere worldwide trailer was revealed it totally stole the show.

The first look into the aquatic of Atlantis featured dreamy sequences of Atlantis and presented various characters of Aquaman’s plot too. Another noticeable tell in Aquaman’s trailer was that in that time Arthur Curry’s half-brother Orm was the ruler of Atlantis.

Nonetheless, in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly Jason Momoa might have revealed a major spoiler for some fans about Aquaman’s ending in the upcoming solo film. Jason Momoa was asked about the meaning behind Arthur Curry’s role in Aquaman to which he indicated that what we’ve witnessed of his role in two previous DC appearances might not have dug reasonably deep about the character’s story or individual background and much is yet to be discovered. Further Momoa spoke about Aquaman’s origin by saying:

Obviously this is whole origin story. We’ve seen him in Justice League, which is two minutes of his whole life so we get to see where he came from,” Momoa said about his character’s origin story.

From here on Jason Momoa possibly went on and declared that Aquaman through the course of the plot would end up being the king of Atlantis:

I think when he was a little boy, he had these powers and he didn’t hone them in so this whole journey of him going to become the king…the last frame of this movie you’re going to see him actually become the thing he was destined to be.

While this revelation might not come as a surprise to some DC Comics fans as Aquaman has been the ruling king of Atlantis in the comics. Although the official merchandising confirms Arthur Curry to be the king of Atlantis too by hinting through a change in character’s clothing in Aquaman movie.

Momoa recognized that the role of Aquaman is different in solo movie and Justice League:

“Justice League was like college. I’m not really sure what Aquaman was, it’s just all on my shoulders. I had a great time,” said Momoa. “I think in Justice League, you had five other characters around you suffering equally the same, so it was kind of fun to endure that . And then you know got me ready to do my solo movie which was challenging and tough and hard and super satisfying.”

Aquaman will hit the theatres on December 21, 2018.