New Spiderman PS4 Story Trailer Shows Silver Sable, Spidey Is Declared A Villain

We are closer than ever to the release of Spiderman PS4 which is said to be the biggest game of the year 2018. We already have seen many villains in the previous trailers and it looks like the list continues to grow everytime we get a new trailer for the game. A new story trailer of the game was released at San Diego Comic-Con, giving us a closer look at Peter Parker and his new enemy, Silver Sable.

The trailer reveals that Spider will have some out of the costume partners with him in quests. In addition to the evergrowing list of enemies that Spiderman will have to defeat, Silver Sable has now joined them. The pretty brute mercenary has been hired by New York Mayor Norman Osborn to clean the streets of New York so nothing stands in the way to the re-elections.

Surprisingly, Spidey has also been declared a villain in the result of it so it’s going to be you against the world when the game arrives. Spiderman PS4 will release on September 27, 2018, exclusively for PS4.