Valve Leak Shows Exact Doom Player Numbers, That’s A Lot Of Dead Demons

Recently, a leak came out from Valve’s Steam data that talked about the number of players for each game game on the service. One of the bigger numbers for a particular game were the Doom player numbers, talking about how many people had bought and played the game on PC.

Doom came out as a reboot back in 2016 and immediately became one of the hottest games out there due to its frantic gameplay, good story, and ludicrous action. The Doom player numbers that came from Steam tell us that there were a lot of people that were playing the game just on PC, and who knows how many others on the Xbox One and Playstation 4, its other platforms. And that, in turn, was before the game released on Nintendo Switch.

The player numbers released for the PC version of Doom number 3,197,626. Those numbers were taken after the Steam Summer Sale as well, so they likely could have gone up from an already high number, plus with Bethesda’s E3 conference revealing “Doom Eternal“, a sequel to the game. If enough people got interested in Doom Eternal, it’s likely they would have taken advantage of the Steam sale to buy the first Doom and see what all the fuss was about.

Doom was one of the two various Bethesda games that came out in the past few years that are revivals and reboots of popular first-person shooter series, alongside Wolfenstein: The New Order. Both ended up being extremely popular and selling very well, even though they lacked multiplayer (in Wolfenstein’s case) or the multiplayer wasn’t very good (in the case of Doom).

If you haven’t played the game but would like to add to all of the Doom player numbers on the PC (if your PC can run it), you should play it before Doom Eternal comes out.