No Man’s Sky At Launch Was The Original Vision Of The Game, Devs “Wanted It To Be” That Way

No Man’s Sky launched in 2016 and we all remember the state in which the game launched. But, developer Hello Games have turned things around with constant updates with Next update scheduled for July 24. However, according to the devs, the game that launched in 2016 was the game they wanted it to be.

Speaking with the Guardian, game director Sean Murray talked about No Man’s Sky and his vision of the game. He confirmed that the game launched in 2016 was the game that the devs wanted it to be.

He added that he wanted for players to experience the feeling of landing on a planet where no has landed before and wanted to expand it but players probably didn’t play the game after 20 hours of play time.

No Man’s Sky was what we wanted it to be when it launched. We always talked about the feeling of landing on a planet that no one had been on before … It was lonely. It had nice calm ambient moments in it. But we always wanted to expand it. If you played [the original game] for 20 hours, you probably got the experience that we wanted. But you probably would have never picked up No Man’s Sky again.

No Man’s Sky was met with severe backlash from the gaming community for not delivering the game that was promised as major features from the game were missing that were promised before launch including the multiplayer.

Now with subsequent updates, Hello Games has vastly improved their game and with NEXT update coming next week, the game will see major changes.

No Man’s Sky features a universe for players to explore and the developers used procedural generation to render an entire universe.

However, even with procedural generation developing the game wasn’t an easy task as Sean Murray revealed during his talk at GDC 2017 that developing the game was like building a rocket.

I just wanted to sit down and write something completely different. Mainly, selfishly, because I just thought of the things I wanted to learn about, and then I started to write an engine that had those things in, I guess.

Would you give another chance to No Man’s Sky now that a lot has changed? What do you think of the original vision for the game? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Source: The Guardian