Nintendo Switch Has Been Compromised, Slides Show How Custom Firmware And Home-brew Software Can Be Used

Nintendo Switch hackers have been trying to run pirated games and homebrew software on the device. While there have been successful attempts at doing so it seems that the Nintendo Switch firmware and how things work behind the scenes is not common knowledge. A couple of slides have been released on the internet that shows how the Nintendo Switch has been compromised.

The slides go into depth regarding how the firmware works and the security that Nintendo uses in order to protect against piracy. The slides also highlight how users can install custom firmware as well as homebrew software. You can check out the slides included below:

I must admit that I am not a hacker or a software engineer of any sort so I do not get what half of this stuff means. If anyone has expertise in this regard then feel free to start a conversation and explain how all of this works and the effects that it could have in the near future.

Nintendo is very fussy when it comes to security and it will be interesting to see how Nintendo is going to counter this information that has now gone public. While we are providing you with this information, keep in mind that any kind of experimentation that you do is at your own risk. We do not encourage the use of homebrew software and we do not recommend getting involved in this stuff especially if you do not know what you are going.

Unreal Engine 4.20 has also been released and it introduces a couple of improvements to the Nintendo Switch, which include the following:

  • Support for Dynamic Resolution and Temporal Upsampling
  • Low Latency Frame Syncing for Controller Input
  • Significant CPU Rendering Optimizations
  • Improvements to Threading
  • Better Texture Compression
  • Support for Memory Profiling
  • Backbuffer support for 1080p while in docked mode
  • And many other fixes

More than 900 games have been released for the Nintendo Switch so far and that is one of the reasons why the console is so successful. There are upcoming games that have yet to come to the Nintendo Switch. These not only include first-party applications but third-party games as well.