From Software Says That Sekiro’s Dark Secrets Are Hidden Throughout The Game

From Software is no stranger to games with a lot of obtuse lore that often goes unexplained, and they have now said that Sekiro’s dark secrets are going to be hidden in the game in a similar manner. While they didn’t elaborate, the studio said the game has some dark, hidden things in it.

Sekiro is one of the most grounded games that From Software has had in a long while. Over a decade of game development, every single Soulsborne game that has been released has been a fantasy world that, if not for the sheer size of all of the structures, the magic, the soul arts, and everything else involved, could be indistinguishable from medieval times.

Sekiro, in the meantime, aside from the far-too-advanced prosthetic arm that will be a major part of the gameplay, so far seems to be fairly realistic. However, that might just be where Sekiro’s dark secrets come in. The game’s plot focuses around a samurai who’s attempting to rescue his lord, who is going to be sacrificed for his noble blood to be used in a ritual.

This could lend some credence that Sekiro will be a bit more than a “realistic” change from From Software, especially when compared to Ghosts of Tsushima, one of the three different samurai games that are going to be coming out over the next few years. However, considering we haven’t seen very much gameplay of the game at all, Sekiro’s dark secrets may not be so hidden after all.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is going to be released on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC sometime in early 2019, so that gives From Software plenty of time to actually show us what sort of dark, hidden secrets that Sekiro has. Whether it will turn out to be a Soulsborne game in surprise remains to be seen.