A Lot Of Varied Content In The Division 2 Promised, Dynamic Faction Wars And More

Massive Entertainment’s big game The Division 2 seems to be the limelight lately, however it does have a lot of downside to it as well. The game has been having a lot of mixed reviews, probably because of its predecessor since it also had a lot of issues, which were never dealt with (until late). Although one thing is for sure, Ubisoft is very much aware of this fact and that is why they have assured the fans that a lot of Varied Content In The Division 2 can be expected, as well as the game, will also have Dynamic Faction Wars.

In a recent interview with the associate creative director, Chadi El-Zibaoui a lot of things regarding this upcoming game were discussed. He said that Varied Content In The Division 2 will be created for the players, as well as the there is a strong focus on adding Dynamic Faction Wars in the game.

“We’ll have varied content”,”We have something that is going to add much more dynamic content within the campaign, within the world. So, this is what we call a ‘living world.’ In this context, the factions, civilians they all need resources; after seven months everyone wants food and water, medicine. So, there will be resource control points spread within the city, and the factions will fight for it dynamically. This is something that will add a lot of content to the world.”

So there is quite a lot of hope for fans, knowing that The Division 2 will have a lot of content compared to its predecessor, which apparently was one of the major issues in The Division. Talking about problems faced in the original game, it seems to be that Ubisoft has taken notice of the mistakes made in the original game and they are working on rectifying them in their next sequel.

Lets us hope that they are successful, in achieving this goal. Having said that what are your thoughts about The Division 2? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: gamingbolt