Todd Howard Wouldn’t Want To Play A Morrowind Remaster Despite Skyrim Upgrade

Todd Howard has gone on the record saying that if he wanted to play The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind again, he wouldn’t want to play a Morrowind remaster, despite Bethesda proving that the Elder Scrolls games would look amazing on current-gen consoles with the Skyrim Special Edition that came out in 2016.

Morrowind was the first of the more “modern” Elder Scrolls games, being the first step away from the Doom-like interface of the first two games, Arena and Daggerfall. Players were sent to the realm of Morrowind in order to uncover a conspiracy. The open-world format set the stage for other Elder Scrolls games to come.

However, since Morrowind came out in 2002, and Skyrim’s special edition came out in 2016, the difference in graphics between the two of them is quite notable, especially given that in order to find your way around Morrowind you would have to actually use the map that was included with the game since no in-game map was provided.

Howard has said that he wouldn’t like to play a Morrowind remaster because, even though he’s thankful that Microsoft has recognized how popular Morrowind was by putting it on the Xbox One’s backwards compatibility system, it gives the Elder Scrolls a certain identity. Even if it’s frustrating, the ability to wander around for hours in a huge open-world environment without a map does have a certain charm to it.

We’ve already seen what Morrowind would look like with upgraded visuals in The Elder Scrolls Online, which brought players back to the rest of Morrowind with the corresponding expansion that came out in 2017. If we went even further with Triple-A graphics rather than MMO-level graphics, and helped to iron out some of the more iffy mechanics in the game, a Morrowind remaster could make an excellent Elder Scrolls game to release in gaps between main games.

But either way, if you’ve been having a Morrowind itch lately, you can buy Morrowind on the Xbox One’s backwards compatibility system now.