Shadow of the Colossus Boss Rush Ended in 36 Minutes, 16 Bosses Defeated With Ease

The battles in the Shadow of the Colossus are not a walk in the park as the colossi that you come up against are truly gigantic.

On the other hand, when it comes to one particular player, he cut them up with such finesse through perfection that it is simply beautiful. This player made the formidable monsters look like a huge chunk of softies.

The player behind this accomplishment is “ChurchNEOH” who did the boss rush using current generation HD remake. The boss rush mode in Shadow of the Colossus aids in attaining special locked items like damage-boosters and parachute.

The players took over half an hour to defeat everyone using some unorthodox method of killing.

Fighting giants in the boss rush mode of Shadow of the Colossus is unlike the traditional boss fights where you go chopping them off.

Specific weak points have to be identified for each colossus to be trampled. Such is the case with the fourth giant which is usually defeated by hiding underground as it approaches and then hitting from behind, since this is a timely process ChurchNEOH took the method of riding on the horse and climbing onto the monster and riding up through a particular way. Though this may seem pretty smooth it has to be done with precise timing.

In other cases, ChurchNEOH traps the colossi in loops making potential to bash them effortlessly. The fight with Cenobia clearly depicts this technique whereas it is quite difficult to grab onto the giants with their random movements.

This triumph of ChurchNEOH in the Shadow of Colossus boss rush shows us just how suave the gameplay can turn out to be when synchronized with controls and technique.