Mom Hilariously Lip Syncs Son’s Fortnite Battle Royale Session, God Tier Trolling

Funny video of moms imitating their kids playing Fortnite seizes the internet and it doesn’t get more hilarious and accurate than this.

Fortnite has become the ultimate gaming obsession for kids and while some mothers started to get worried about the addition of this game, Whitney Cicero took this matter on a lighter note.

Whitney Cicero, blogger at The New Stepford availed the chance to record her son playing Fortnite with his friends. Later on, Whitney uploaded a YouTube video of herself with a friend lip-syncing the silliness of their kids.

As the video begins we can see the moms fixated on the screen to lip-sync the kids’ voices. The video includes pauses which are filled by the moms doing sick and equally absurd dance moves which are too much to handle, seriously. The entertainment continues and it gets to the point of discussing farts which is pretty gross but then again its kids they are mimicking.

Then we are off to a point where the argument to “get off the internet” starts. This just shows how glued to the screen kids are as they can’t even take their eyes off while talking. We are also given a glimpse into a parallel world as the mom being shouted at is actually played by the child.

Things get heated when the kid yells “Mom, This Isn’t A Joke!” which is so relevant because kids really do take it as a matter of life and death. The ending of the video is credited with the actual footage of the kids which was recorded earlier.

The video was altogether a blast to watch and really shows how much Fortnite is recognized worldwide. The reason behind this recognition is not just Fortnite gameplay but the funny vibes it has spread in homes globally.