CD Projekt RED Predicting the Violent Future of USA Through Cyberpunk 2077?

Predicting the future is hard and most of it is based on guesswork. The closest we have come to actually see the future is through various The Simpsons episodes. The team behind the popular show successfully predicted a number of things. A quick Google search will fill you in if you aren’t a fan of the show.

Now, CD Projekt RED might be trying to do something similar with Cyberpunk 2077. Understandably, we are no way near cybernetic enhancements but we aren’t far from an America that’s engulfed by gun violence. The country refuses to change its gun laws as easy access to weapons is protected under the second amendment.

And in the future we’ll get to visit in Cyberpunk 2077, we see how over the years USA has suffered partly from its lack of strict gun laws. In Night City, anyone can get a weapon and since law and order situation has gotten worse, everyone has a weapon for self-protection. Openly carrying firearms is commonplace, some even wear bulletproof vests.

Gun laws are lax in Night City — anyone can own a gun. And thanks to frequent riots and the daily threat of violence, just about everyone does. Open carry of firearms is commonplace and many even wear bulletproof clothing as they go about their lives — just in case. No one bats an eye at a pistol here or a rifle there. To stay alive, you need to look out for yourself… Even if that sometimes means turning a blind eye to the constant violence happening all around.

Turning a blind eye to the violence around starts when people become desensitized to such acts due to their frequency. Crime, violence, gun violence is on the rise in the United States and part of it is due to easy access to weapons. We are now seeing frequent threats of mass shootings in schools. Meanwhile, authorities are busy turning video games into a scapegoat.