What Do You Think Will Impact The Battlefield V Matches The Most? Enter The Poll

Are you eager to play Battlefield V Matches? If you are then now would be the perfect time to enter the poll. Yes, you read that right, a very insightful poll is being conducted by none other than DICE for Battlefield V. The poll sets out to see what the fans think, will be the most impactful thing in Battlefield V Matches?

On the official Twitter account of Battlefield V, DICE has published a question with few options and has left it to the community, to share their thoughts on the matter. While most of the audience had its bets on the new fortification system to be one the most impactful feature, it seems to be that a lot of fans are more worried about facing, the ammo shortage in the Battlefield V Matches.

Looking at the current polling progression, it seems like the most impactful thing in the game would be Ammo scarcity, which currently stands at 38% while on the second, Redesigned gunplay with 25% following that 18% for Building fortifications and 19% is the Squadplay.

Looking at the current progression, it is pretty obvious that Battlefield fans are very much concerned about searching for Ammo. However, at the moment the polling is still open so there just might be a change of opinion but with only a few hours left it seems obvious.

Be that as it may, all the options that have been mentioned in the post are the ones that will definitely be impacting Battlefield V Matches, one way or the other.

With all that said, Battlefield V’s closed beta was a remarkable hit, unfortunately it was only for the people who got invited, however for those who were not able to check it out, no need to be sad because the open beta will be making its way in September, so the early fun is not out of the box yet.

So what do you think will impact Battlefield V Matches the most? Let us know in the comments below.