Another Fortnite Player Scammed, Account Hacked for Info

Fortnite has become a game where you often develop connections with gamers online through the famous Battle Royale game mode. Players of related interests interact to help each other out in playing the game more effectively. Similar was the case with 13 years old Jake Bates of Mason, Ohio who met someone online but ended up getting conned into handing over his account’s private information to a player online.

The fellow player cleverly convinced Jake into sharing personal details of his account and Jake got tricked in the course.

Report on a news channel in Ohio suggests that Jake used to chat with the hacker via online video gaming. The youngster was misled into believing that the hacker would provide him with additional skins for his character and for this purpose Bates provided him the details of his account.

Bates specifically gave him the username and password of his Fortnite account. However, Bates later got his email account hacked too. Passwords, recovery passwords and phone number were altered after hacking.

Furthermore, Bates revealed that the hacker was now open to his credit card and personal information in the email account too. Just when it couldn’t be worse for the poor guy he deleted Bates’ Fortnite character also. Jake had used up hundreds of dollar worth money on his Fortnite character from the time he started playing the video game. Jake’s mother responded to this by saying:

“It says on the game not to give your information out and, ya know, I’m like, it’s a lesson learned,”

Jake and Amy Bates, his mother has also filed a complaint against Epic Games, the developers of the trending Battle Royal game. Following this account hack, Epic Games may have to worry about the protection of privacy of the user and their data.