The Batman and Suicide Squad 2 Villains Leak, Penguin Not Leading the Charge After All

After the news of the Penguin being cast in a villainous role for Matt Reeves’ The Batman solo film broke out, rumors are now pointing towards him not being the ultimate baddie in the film.

The main villain in The Batman would not be the Penguin rather he would be playing the role of a subordinate.

Reports from Comic Book Movie suggest that Matt Reeves is actually considering casting the “Courts of Owl” as the key protagonist in The Batman film. Oswald Cobblepot might be just a less influencing baddie.

The Courts of Owl is an organized crime group that faced the Dark Knight in DC’s Comics. The court is rooted deep in Gotham city from the colonial times and has been living in the dark ever since. They are a secretive society which abducts kids from circuses and tailors them into being heartless assassins called “Talons.”

Furthermore, the same sources are implying that Gavin O’Connor has been considering a couple of options for the villains to be cast for Suicide Squad 2. Initially, Black Adam was picked but seemingly Dwayne Johnson couldn’t fully pledge. Zatanna the magician and Raven are also on the table.

The most surprising inclusion of all was that of Kara Zor-el. The idea for this cast might be based on presenting the Supergirl caught in an episode of mind control. Another interesting character, Amazo is also in talks. The android might prove to be a formidable villain due to his power of replicating his rival’s abilities.

Although this all comes from a report on a website the authenticity of the source indicates towards being fairly reliable whether we consider the reports of Penguin being cast in The Batman or the Birds of Prey production being assembled.