Toughest Part About Remaking Resident Evil 2 According To Capcom

Resident Evil 2 Remake was shown off at E3 2018 and it has got everyone excited. It not only seized the nostalgic factor but excited us with the great visuals that we expect from a game in 2018. While the trailer was very impressive indeed remaking Resident Evil 2 was not as easy as some would believe. Capcom talked about the process of remaking Resident Evil 2 and it is very interesting indeed.

According to producers Tsuyoshi Kanda and Yoshiaki Hirabayashi, the hardest part of remaking Resident Evil 2 was not adapting the gameplay or staying true to the story but working with the new Resident Evil 7 engine. Kanda had the following to say in this regard:

20 years ago, the graphics that we had weren’t photoreal and that meant you could get away with… a lot of things. Things that maybe you couldn’t today. You could be fantastical with the creatures and it wouldn’t stand out too much. So making a giant alligator – that’s a real challenge [laughter]. Trying to update that into a game where you’ve got scanned faces, motion-captured actors, photorealistic environments… it’s really, really hard. Where do you even start!

Hirabayashi went into further detail and stressed on the fact that the game is not only a remake but will be competing with the perception of the original game. The people that have played the original game need to be impressed. The following is what he had to say in this regard:

It was tricky to do without changing the game’s tone a lot. We’re competing with people’s memories with this game, too, and that’s really hard. Trying to make a convincing scene where a human-sized character – a guy with a knife – is taking on an alligator… that’s really silly. People don’t remember it as silly because the whole game was groundbreaking at the time, but that moment was ridiculous. It was a difficult process for us, making that work today.

There is a lot of anticipation around Resident Evil 2 Remake and fans can wait to see how it compared to the original. While it has been confirmed that the new game will not be exactly the same as compared to the old one, it is safe to say that getting the original game vibe is very important here. Hirabayashi stressed on this matter by saying the following:

Perhaps they have the perfect version of the game in their heads and what we do undermines that? We’re just trying to make a game that feels right and feels like what you might remember from a gameplay perspective the first time.

Recreating a game is never easy, not only do you have to bring the graphics and mechanics up to speed, but it also has to meet the expectations of the fans. Reading all this, we can imagine how hard it has been for Capcom to remake Resident Evil 2. We also know that the game will not be coming to the Nintendo Switch.

Let us know what you think about the Resident Evil 2 remake and whether or not you are going to be playing the game at launch.