Identity V Items Guide – Best Items, Effects, How To Obtain

In this Identity V Items Guide, we will be discussing all the Identity V items present in the game. There are many items in the game which you can get your hands on, with everything giving you certain benefits. We will be discussing everything in details about items what benefits they give and what selective benefits you can have if you are of a certain class.

Identity V Items

Identity V Items provide many benefits and can help you drastically. You can find items in chests all over the map. These chests are glowing green boxes that can be seen from a certain distance. You need few seconds to open the chest so be sure you are not near the hunter, every chest contains at least x1 item that can be used for the duration of the game.

Every chest will have an RNG factor to determine which item are you getting so do not be surprised if you get an item again. These items can help you a lot in your survival as they provide certainty for a duration of time which will increase your chances of finding the Cypher’s and unlocking the door.

As of now, there are 17 items in the game which you can locate throughout the map. These items will increase your stats temporarily helping you find the cypher’s at a faster pace. Here is the list of items you can find in chests:

Items Description
Map You can use the Map to display the locations of Cypher’s around you. Using the Map as the Lawyer does not consume the item so it can be used again.
Rugby After using the item, you can hold the item in front to increase your sprint speed for a certain duration but beware; when the sprint ends, you will feel dizziness for some time. Using this item in the frontline will reduce the stun duration by 100%.
Steal Elbow Pads Using the item and going near the wall will give you sprint acceleration in one direction. Steel Elbow Pads reduce cooldowns by 2 seconds if you are Mercenary.
Travel Notes You will shrink in size using this item and will not be able to use most of your abilities. Explorers do not consume the item on use.
Toy Bot Diaries After using, you will summon a Toy Bot to do the same activities as you but minimal damage can render it useless. The mechanic will get 50% to reduce consumption with this item.
Magic Stick This item allows you to create an illusion of yourself that will make you invisible. Huckster moves 30% faster when invisible.
Tool Box You can destroy the chains with the help of Toolbox. Gardener does not consume the item on use.
Flash Light Use of light and its continuous exposer can cause the hunter to lose its mobility for certain duration of time. Thief’s use of the item will increase the duration by 100%.
Therapeutic Tool Works as a bandage. Doctors will not consume the item on use.
Signal Gun You can use this item to stun the Hunter. Coordinator will increase the stun duration by 30%
Tranquilizer You can use this item to calm your nerves.
Match You can use this item to light fire.
Whistle You can use this item to call a companion.
Phone You can use this item to get information.
Handcuffs Hunters You can use this item to handcuff survivors. These handcuffs can be opened by a skilled Craftsmen.
Flagon You can use this item to carry liquids.
Kerosene Lamp You can use to light up darker areas.

This is all we have in our Identity V Items Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!