Halo Wars 2 Cross Platform Coming In Today’s July Update Among Other Things

Halo Wars 2 cross platform play will be coming in the game’s July update, which will be coming out today. That’s not all that will be coming with the new update either, as other adjustments and balance changes for units will also be coming. Along with that, some modes will be removed.

To start off with, Halo Wars 2 cross platform play will be getting implemented in the game’s two on two War mode, allowing players on both the Xbox One and the PC to be able to play against one another, instead of being limited to their specific platforms. They’ll also be removing a non-cross-platform three on three version of War from Xbox One playlists.

In addition to the news about crossplay, both factions have had their units tweaked for balance reasons. The UNSC has had the Warthog, Kodiak, Jackrabbit, and the Combat Engineer upgrade for the Marines tweaked, doing things like increasing health and damage per second, reducing build time, increasing their line of sight, and moving damage values around.

The Banished, in the meantime, have had their Rangers and Blisterback also get changed. Rangers will be given a third Elite in their numbers, but their health and damage-per-second have been reduced. The Banished’s Blisterbacks are also getting their health increased to keep them from becoming glass cannons.

And along with unit changes, the leaders in the game have also gotten some changes. Captain Cutter is getting his damage against vehicles and infantry increased, while Isabel’s MAC gun barrage is getting a damage buff at each new level. The Shipmaster leader on the Banished side will also have a two-point Raid.

While all of these balance changes will hopefully make the game more even, the Halo Wars 2 cross platform play is definitely something that a lot of players of the game are going to be able to appreciate.