Here Is Why Fortnite Playground Mode Didn’t Work At Launch

Fortnite Playground Mode is a feature that fans have been asking for some time now and while the feature was introduced a while back, it did not work as intended. The Fortnite Playground Mode is a mode where players can build as much as they want in an hour. When the mode came out only 4 players were allowed per session. This was so that squads could coordinate with one another regarding what they were working on.

While Epic Games did solve the issues that players were facing, it is safe to say that was not the case when Fortnite Playground Mode first launched. Epic Games has released a statement regarding what went wrong and the following is what Epic Games had to say about the issue:

Our matchmaking is built on something called the Matchmaking Service (MMS), which is responsible for facilitating the ‘handshake’ between players looking to join a match and an available dedicated server open to host that match. Each node in the matchmaking cluster keeps a large list of open dedicated servers that it can work with, randomly distributed by region to keep a roughly proportional amount of free servers for each. Players that connect to MMS request a server for their region, MMS assigns that player to a node, and the node picks a free server for the requested region from its list.

The game mode only allowed 4 users at a time and because of that more servers were needed in order to facilitate the number of people that were playing Fortnite Playground Mode. In order to cater to the players and keep the mode running Epic Games had to run 15 times as many servers as compared to other modes. This is impressive indeed. The developer further went on to mention the following:

Once we identified the root of the problem as the exhaustion of sessions from local lists, the solution was to give the cluster the ability to bulk rebalance sessions from other nodes to ensure repeated lookups were not necessary. With the system constantly shifting regional capacity from nodes with an excess to nodes that might be running low, the odds of a node running dry for a particular region and having to search outside its local list have been drastically reduced. While not an issue right now in the primary Fortnite Battle Royale game modes, this is an upgrade we are bringing over to the main MMS cluster as well to future-proof the system.

If you are interested in learning more about what went wrong with the Fortnite Playground Mode then you can check out the full technical details. While Fortnite is a very popular game, other popular franchises like CoD and Battlefield are also introducing Battle Royale and that could be the end of the line for both Fortnite and PUBG.

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