Dying Light 2 Stamina Management Will Be Different Than The First Game

Dying Light 2 is one of the most anticipated games of the current gen and every day we get to hear more about its massive improvements over the original game and the biggest one is the inclusion of branching narratives in the game. It includes several improvements in the other parts of the game including the all new stamina mechanics which is different than the one in the original game.

The lead designer of Dying Light 2 has revealed in a recent interview that the stamina system will play a different role in the sequel. Stamina system will be also upgradable and won’t be a factor during the city traversal making the exploration part of the game less restrictive. It looks like there will be no stamina consumption during simple explorations.

But the smart stamina management of the game will be something for the players to keep in mind. You’ll have to pay closer attention to the stamina during chases before your energy runs out.

Tymon Smektala said:

“We had stamina in the first game, but it wasn’t used to that extent. “Right now, if you want to just traverse the city you don’t really have to bother with this. Because we understand being able to traverse the city is a staple in Dying Light. But in places like [in the E3 demo], or during chases, the amount of stamina you have will be tested. So you’ll have to use the skills that don’t use that much stamina to avoid making any mistakes, but you’ll also be able to upgrade your stamina as you play the game.”

Dying Light 2 doesn’t have a release date yet, the game is repetitive but really fun and each player in the game can have his own version of the city when the game releases.

Source: GamingBolt