Battlefield V Open Beta To Arrive In September, Gameplay Changes Inbound

Battlefield V’s closed beta was a huge hit but it was limited to the lucky people who got invited to the game. If you were not a part of Alpha then don’t worry because DICE has announced that open beta of the game is finally going to arrive in September.

That’s not all, DICE has planned some changes for the game including improved matchmaking to make it easier for everyone to find a game. The team is also working on to improve the stability of the game both for the servers and the clients to give a smooth experience while in matches.

There are also some gameplay changes to be made including the controversial revive system in the game. Medic revives and Buddy revive will be much faster which will help out solve the game’s bleeding mechanic, which everyone has complained a lot about.

More tweaks will be made to the ammo balance, time to kill, reinforcements and weapon balancing.

There will be several more tests of Battlefield V – internal and external – before the October launch, and we will be using our learnings from the first Alpha to test further and fine-tune the experience.

Several more tests are on their way because DICE wants to learn further and fine-tune the Battlefield experience.

The auto spotting feature in Alpha was a bug and it won’t be included in the upcoming tests of Battlefield V though vehicle spotting will stay.

It’s also rumored that Battlefield V will consist of Battle fo Arras 1940 map or location and alpha has confirmed that the game will consist a total of eight multiplayer modes, 3 of which are brand new. Confirmed modes are Conquest, Domination, Frontlines, Team Deathmatch, and Breakthrough.

Battlefield V is scheduled to release on October 19 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

Source: Battlefield