Spiderman PS4 Will Have An Original Story, Not Based On Comics

Spiderman PS4 is one of the most anticipated titles to launch exclusively on PS4 and it’s one of the biggest games ever made by Insomniac Games. Insomniac Games creative director Bryan Intihar has officially confirmed that Spiderman PS4 is an original story not an adaption of an existing Spiderman comic.

It’s common that all the things comic book related when going into other mediums stay closest to the original source but Spiderman PS4 is going into a brand new direction by having its own original story. Insomniac Games creative director Bryan Intihar confirmed this on Twitter when he was asked about which comics they did adapt to while making the game.

Whatever Insomniac Games has decided to go within the story, there’s a lot of material available from where they can take inspiration from. Spider-Man’s origins have been done already a few times and it’ll be really interesting to see how Insomniac Games separates the new game from previous ones.

It’s confirmed that Spiderman PS4 takes place in the same universe as of Marvel, Avengers Tower has been spotted in the game and a separate game in the future can bring them all together.

This will come as a shock for PS4 Pro owners that Spiderman will run at 30 FPS and you will not be able to get an advantage over the normal PS4. The game will run at 30 FPS on all PS4 systems.

The game will guide you about the crafting materials required to craft a suit or something else. Spiderman PS4 consists some of the most famous and fan favorite villains ever which include Rhino, Electro, Shocker and more.

The Spiderman PS4 is also getting two prequel novels before the release date. Spiderman PS4 is scheduled to release exclusively for PS4 on September 7, 2018.