“Rocket Scientists” Are Working On Metro Exodus, 4A Games

Metro franchise is known for its claustrophobic environments and the world that feels grounded in reality. Well according to 4A Games, the reason why Metro Games and upcoming Metro Exodus feels grounded is that actual “Rocket Scientist” are working on it.

Speaking with Edge magazine, 4A Games talked about Metro Exodus, its world and how the open-ended nature of the game doesn’t go far from the usual Metro games’ formula.

While talking about the game mechanics, the developers talked about the “tactile” and grounded feel in Metro Games.

The developers added that the reason why the game feels so tactile and grounded is that actual “Rocket Scientists” are working on Metro Exodus.

We have a lot of guys on our team that have those kinds of backgrounds. We have mechanical engineers, rocket scientists – pretty smart people. It’s very important to make sure that everything is grounded, has a reason. We spent a lot of time and energy with things like the weapons to make sure that they are realistic.

Speaking of the game, the devs have confirmed that Metro Exodus will feature “Far Cry” like bandit camps.

However, the studio added that while these bandit outposts seem similar to Far Cry outposts but what sets it apart are the underlying systems for which Metro franchise is known for.

Approaching a bandit outpost in the wilderness feels a little like taking on a Far Cry outpost, but with the added benefit of all of Metro’s underlying systems and detailed presentation. Strong core gunplay is flanked by supporting mechanics – sophisticated stealth, weather and time of day systems, crafting, gear, environmental hazards and so on – that evoke dozens of interesting micro-scale decisions.

Metro Exodus is a first-person action survival game in development at 4A Games and will launch sometime in 2019 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.