Want To Get A Real Life PUBG Frying Pan? Well Now You Can!

PUBG is a game that requires no introduction, almost every gamer is aware of how amazing this battle royale game actually is. Apart from its amazingness, the popularity chart of the game is pretty high, that said a group of fans of this game, have successfully designed a Real Life PUBG Frying Pan.

Yes, that is correct PUBG gamers have made the one and only PUBG frying pan and guess what? It’s for sale for only $29.99. So you can purchase it, and cook your PUBG meal on it or perhaps treat it as a souvenir, the choice is yours.

As you may very well know that pan is a symbol for a variety of weapons, and with it being available as a real-life kitchen utensil, it only adds to the love for the game.

As you may see on the image that the shape of the pan is pretty much same as that of the pan in the game, which is a plus point. However, the best part is the fact that it also has “PUBG” printed in the middle of the pan, so perhaps whatever you cook will be branded by PUBG.

Apart from that the handle of this Real Life PUBG Frying Pan is quite comfortable to hold, in terms of cooking purpose and not for hitting someone in real life. Please do not try to use it for real-life violence.

However, the bets are fans of PUBG will be very much interested to get their hands on this Real Life PUBG Frying Pan, and for that, they would perhaps be ready to pay even more.

So if you wish to purchase this frying pan, you are just a few clicks away from ordering it. With all that said, not sure if you have heard or not but the PUBG Patch 17 for Xbox is now available and based on the patch notes, it seems to have brought in quite a lot of tweaks, improvements and changes to performance, weapons and much more.

So are you going to purchase the PUBG Pan? Let us know what you think in the comments below.