How Nukes In Fallout 76 Work? From Getting The Launch Codes To Detonation And After

By now every Fallout fan knows that there will be Nukes In Fallout 76 but what they wouldn’t know, is that it certainly won’t be easy to get your hands on those nukes, let alone detonate them.

First of all, what the players would need to do is get the launch codes, without the launch codes the nukes are as useless as they can get. That said, getting the launch codes will be a tough task and players will need to work, side by side with each other in order to piece together a single nuclear launch code.

As soon as the players have pieced together the launched code, they will be eligible to visit the nuclear launch site and by using the codes they can fire away, the nuke to the location of their choice.

Having said that although there are Nukes In Fallout 76, it would not be the case that we will be seeing nuclear strikes every hour or so. As mentioned earlier, finding the codes won’t be easy, which will ensure that the detonations don’t occur too often.

If you think the fun ends here, then you would be happy to know that it doesn’t, in fact, it begins from this point. After you nuke the areas of your choice that area then turns into super-radiated zones. When those areas turn into those radiation zones, then you will be able to visit those areas to find some, really amazing super mutated creatures. Apart from these creatures, these spots will play a vital role for the end game, as well as hold some really high-level gears.

Over time the radiations will die down and then in order to gain access to those high-level gears, you would need to nuke it again or perhaps another area?

So far no information has been revealed regarding what will happen, when a player gets nuked but it does not seem something that we can not contemplate.

So that is pretty much it on how the Nukes In Fallout 76 Work, hopefully, we will know more soon enough but even from all this, it definitely seems amazing.

Aside from all this, Bethesda has been rolling out few details regarding Fallout 76 but luckily, from the E3 2018 gameplay trailer, we were able to pluck out some major weapons that will be included in the game. So do check that out, if you want to prepare for the war beforehand.

Be that as it may, what are your expectations from Fallout 76? Let us know in the comments below.