Big No Man’s Sky Update Gets Release Date And New Details

After around a year of keeping itself off the radar, a big No Man’s Sky update has gotten a release date, along with a number of details on what players can expect from it when it comes out. These details include multiplayer, changes to planets, big space battles, and more.

No Man’s Sky originally came out in the summer of 2016, and despite a strong start rapidly fell off the radar and out of many Playstations due to an extreme lack of content and no multiplayer, along with in generalincluding nothing of what Hello Games promised during the game’s multiple E3 appearances that included a living, breathing galaxy that you could make your own and play with your friends.

Since then, Hello Games has mainly stayed off the radar to the point that people thought the studio had shut down, but multiple updates have come out over the past few months that brought new life to the game. The new No Man’s Sky update that will be coming out on July 24 will apparently be the biggest one yet.

The update, called “Next”, will allow you to do things like build colonies and outposts on planets, play multiplayer with your friends to do things like raid ships or race across planets, customize your character, and even fly around in third person. Graphics have also been updated to make planets, NPCs, ships, and more look better. New space visuals, such as planetary rings, will also be visible now.

And, perhaps in one of the biggest changes, you’re no longer restricted to a single-person ship. Yoeu can now command freighters and fleets of transports, sending them out into the galaxy to accumulate and mine resources for you or help you out as you explore systems. You will control all of these different transports from your capital ship, a freighter that your friends can board. You can even take multiplayer missions from a terminal found on the bridge of your ship.

Hopefully this new No Man’s Sky update will be able to breathe a lot more life back into the game and make it actually worth playing. Once again, the update goes live on July 24.