Director Teases Metal Gear Solid Film In Celebration Of 31st Anniversary Of The Franchise

A Metal Gear Solid Film was announced back in 2015 but following that we did not hear much about it, and most of us nearly forgot that something of that sort, was actually in the pipeline.

However, last year we had another announcement that Derek Connolly would be following up on the script while Jordan Vogt-Roberts would be directing Metal Gear Solid Film. Now that same director has recently teased the fans, in quite an interesting way.

Before we discuss the tease that the director has recently made, let us make some introductions. Derek Connolly who is the scriptwriter for Metal Gear Solid Film is the writer behind, Jurassic World and the director Jordan Vogt-Roberts is the person who is responsible for directing Kings of Summer, Nick Offerman: American Ham, and Kong: Skull Island.

Coming to the tease, recently Vogt-Roberts partnered up with Paul Eiding, who is the actor responsible for voicing Colonel Campbell in the Metal Gear series. They both created a codec-like thread and posted it on Vogt-Robert’s official Twitter account. All this was done in light of the celebration, for the 31st Anniversary of the franchise and alongside it, the director seems to have raised the green flag on the film.

The small video is pretty interesting in which a lot of things have been highlighted. One of the most fascinating things include the 31 pieces of art that shall be released, one by one every day for a month, starting from the day of the anniversary.

Uptill now five fascinating artworks have been released and they certainly are amazing. With that said, Vogt-Roberts has specifically stated that these artworks are fans made and not the official ones. He said that these fan artwork that shall be rolling out every day does not represent anything regarding the upcoming Metal Gear Solid Film.

Having said that, how do you find this tease? Let us know in the comments below.