Major DLC Characters Coming to Dragon Ball FighterZ in August

Base Goku and Base Vegeta ready to be introduced in the next set of DLC characters of Dragon Ball FighterZ thanks to the confirmation by Bandai Namco. These DLC characters will be offered in coming August.

Dragon Ball FighterZ has been well received since its release in January this year. Audience together with the critics declared it one of the best fighting games. Although the combat style, characters, and gameplay of Dragon Ball FighterZ were greatly appreciated the story mode had to face some serious backlash from fan-base and critics.

With a series of characters already available in Dragon Ball FighterZ formidable DLC characters of Base Vegeta and Base Goku could be coming our way as early as two weeks. Moreover, they would be armed with unique moves which would be setting them truly a class apart from the entire roster.

Base Vegeta will be powered with the Galick Gun super special which is capable of blustering energy at the ground. Galick Gun operates even in mid-air situations. Another powerful move is the Galaxy Breaker that enables Bass Vegeta to release energy from his whole body.

Base Goku would be allowed to perform repeated attacks through controls combinations by the using Kaioken.

Kaioken is able to power up by 3 times or even 20 times following the drop of a companion. Another boost for Base Goku is that he has access to the Super Spirit Bomb which is considered to be the most formidable of all moves.

However, the setback is that Super Spirit Bomb is an extremely slow motion.

Base Goku and Base Vegeta will be obtainable for 500 yen from the DLC characters coming in early August. Dragon Ball FighterZ is nonetheless already available on PS4, Xbox, and PC and will be released on Nintendo Switch in September 2018.