Intel Core i9 Inside Apple’s MacBook Pro Throttled Due To Thermal Issues

Apple’s MacBooks are known for their sleek design and performance and Apple’s 15-inch MacBook Pro also comes with a 6-core Intel Core i9 CPU that obviously offers incredible performance. However, things are not as they seem as one Youtuber has noted that 15-Inch MacBook Pro’s Intel Core i9 is severely throttled due to thermal issues.

Youtuber Dave Lee noted in a recent video that he recently bought the 15-Inch MacBook Pro with Intel Core i9 CPU and tests it out.

According to the tests, the Intel Core i9 used in the 15-Inch MacBook Pro is severely throttled and is unable to maintain its base clock speed of 2.9GHz after a short time while performing CPU intensive tasks.

According to the Youtuber, the 15-Inch MacBook Pro 2018 model underperforms compared to the 2017 model that comes with Intel Core i7 CPU.

He added that the 2018 MacBook Pro took 39 minutes to render a video while the 2017 model with the Intel Core i7 took 35 minutes to render it.

However, he performed the test again but this time the 2018 model of MacBook Pro’ was in a freezer to cool down its temperature. Turns out, in cooler temperatures, MacBook Pro was able to render the video in 27 minutes.

The Youtuber added that CPU throttling due to thermal issues is quite common in laptops, however, this degree of CPU throttling is “unacceptable”.

It is clear that due to the thermal issue, the MacBook Pro is throttling and it will be interesting to see how Apple handles the situation if it decides to.

Speaking of Intel CPU in a MacBook, Intel Amber Lake has been leaked for MacBook 2018 Refreshes.

According to the leak, the upcoming MacBook refreshes will be replacing the 7th-gen CPUs with 8th-gen Intel Amber Lake CPUs.

The refreshes will come in three variants with the entry-level MacBook will feature Intel Core m3-8100Y. The mid-range refresh will feature Intel Core i5-8200Y while the high-end refresh will feature Intel Core i7-8500Y.

Furthermore, Intel’s 9th gen CPUs will be revealed on August 1 according to a report.

The report suggests that Intel’s NDA for the Coffee Lake refreshes is expiring on August 1 and the K-series Intel Coffee Lake refreshes will arrive with soldered heatspreaders instead of thermal interface material.

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