Forza Horizon 4 Latest Footage Shows Autumn Weather, Forzathon Challenges And Horizon life

Microsoft and Turn 10 studios do weekly live streams revealing more information about Forza Horizon 4 leading to its release in October. This week’s live stream showed us the beautiful Autumn weather and more features of the game such as Forzathon challenges.

An hour-long Forza Horizon 4 live stream showcased the stunning Autumn weather which looks so stunning along with Forzathon challenges, Horizon life, and game’s shared-world online features.

Horizon life is the umbrella term for the online play in the game which supports up to 72 players on a server at once. Just like in Watch Dogs, you can switch between the online play and solo with a one-click option.

Forzathon will keep you busy with a lot of different challenges. These live events will pop up hourly and will give you small achievements if you complete the daily challenges.

Showcases will be also making a come back allowing you to do crazy and cinematic races against vehicles.

You can check out the full video below to witness the stunning world of Forza Horizon 4.