Dying Light 2 Gameplay Calls for Smart Use of Stamina in Chase Sequences

Dying Light 2 developer Techland means business when it comes to gameplay improvements. First Dying Light video game made quite a name for itself in the zombie survival RPGs.

Even though Dying Light 2 towers over the first game through detailed gameplay narratives, Chris Avellone the writer of the upcoming game, pointed out some other key factors on top of it.

These features include the new and improved stamina mechanism. Gamers who are aware of the first Dying Light know pretty well how stamina was an integral part of the overall gameplay experience. Dying Light 2’s gameplay would feature somewhat changed stamina mechanism.

Lead Designer, Tymon Smektala revealed that going across the map won’t be a bother to stamina.

We had stamina in the first game, but it wasn’t used to that extent. Right now, if you want to just traverse the city you don’t really have to bother with this. Because we understand being able to traverse the city is a staple in Dying Light. But in places like [in the E3 demo], or during chases, the amount of stamina you have will be tested. So you’ll have to use the skills that don’t use that much stamina to avoid making any mistakes, but you’ll also be able to upgrade your stamina as you play the game

The original game of the series had stamina consequences but the new system is different. Smektala mentioned that roaming around in the city casually is a fundamental part of Dying Light’s gameplay and that this feature is not threatened by this upgrade.

In many chase sequences, players will have to decide whether or not to use those skills that might drain their stamina.

Smektala discussed several other highlighting features of Dying Light 2’s gameplay such as the structured co-op, stimulated weapon design and in-depth narratives. Perhaps Dying Light 2 was declared as “four times bigger than the first game” including distinctive gameplay components such as “parkour puzzles” to sail across.
Dying Light 2 will be out on PS4, PC, and Xbox but a confirmed release date is not out yet.

Source: Gamingbolt