Batwoman TV Series Gets the Greenlight from CW? Juicy Details Inside

Just after we got the news of Batwoman ready to be featured in the Arrowverse, we are hearing that the Gotham vigilante might be getting her own TV series after all. According to Variety Batwoman TV series is in development stages and we could get to see it as soon as 2019 once it gets considered for production.

The plot will be centered on the role of Kate Kane who takes it upon herself to fight crimes dressed as a masked vigilante in Gotham city after being influenced by the Batman. Like her inspirer, she too is from a wealthy heritage and decides to use her resources to confront the criminals of Gotham.

The series would depict similar traits of Batwoman as in the comics, she is a lesbian and a street fighter out against the lawbreakers while battling her inner fears in the meantime.

Batwoman became an instant iconic symbol of lesbianism similar to Renee Montoya who came out with the same sexual orientation.

After the lesbian comic super-hero was featured in eponymous comics, it is finally time for Batwoman TV series. This series means a big deal to only the DC comics fans or super-hero enthusiasts but to the LGBT community too.

The series would be scripted by the writer of Vampire Diaries, Caroline Dries. Caroline would also be producing Batwoman TV series accompanied by Geoff Johns former President at DC Entertainment along with Greg Berlanti and Sarah Schechter from Berlanti Productions. Selection of Batwoman TV series by CW would make Berlanti’s list of live-action shows even lengthier. Further major CW projects to be produced by Berlanti include Riverdale, Blindspot, All-American and a whole lot others.

Until we get any further confirmation about the TV series we can look forward to Batwoman’s cameo appearance in a crossover with the likes of Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow in the Arrowverse.

Image Credit: DC Comics