Agent Liberty Confirmed for Supergirl Season 4, Sam Witwer Playing the Role

The ending of the last season of Supergirl left the audience flabbergasted but the next could be even better. It seems CW plans to uplift the plot in Season 4 of Supergirl by borrowing a new character from DC Comics.

Entertainment Weekly confirmed that Sam Witwer will play Agent Liberty in Supergirl Season 4. Witwer will be portraying the role of Agent Liberty a.k.a. Benjamin Lockwood and would have a regular role in episodes of the series.

Agent Liberty in Supergirl series will be the leader of a paramilitary group called Children of Liberty. Agent Liberty is defined as an intense and fierce frontrunner of the group who can brilliantly influence people just with his words.

Benjamin Lockwood was a former CIA agent who left due to the immoral working methods of the government. From here on Agent Liberty proceeds on solo adventures, finding Superman along the way and eventually turns up teaming up with him in Justice League.

Bearing in mind the scenario that last season of Supergirl was ended, Agent Liberty could lift the story from here when he takes off in Season 4. The subplot of Children of Liberty might get affected following the introduction of an alternative Red Son.

Witwer is probably recognizable to the viewers for his key role in the eighth season of Smallville as Davis Bloom/Doomsday. Other than that Witwer has also been cast for several voiceovers for the Star Wars franchise.

The legacy cast additions in the previous season were well received by the fans. Robert Rovner the showrunner said that the seeing new roles of people who are familiar will bring excitement to the audience. Supergirl’s Season 4 will be broadcasted on October 14th at CW.

Image Credit: DC Comics