4A Games Assures Hardcore Fans Metro Exodus is Metro At Heart, Not An Open World Game

Metro Exodus is not an open world game, something 4A had already confirmed. However, the message didn’t reach everyone so 4A Games’ Jon Bloch reassured hardcore Metro fans that Exodus is Metro at heart. They are creating “something different” for the players and wish to give “more options.” Still, Metro Exodus at the end of the day will stay true to the formula.

Speaking with Edge Magazine, Jon Bloch stated that the development team visited metro system themselves in the past decade or so. The open areas shown to the public so far form a chunk of the game but the major portion is still set within the metro systems. Metro system will once again be used to travel between locations.

We wanted to do something a little bit different. The team has been down in the metro system themselves for the past decade or so – we wanted to do something different for ourselves.

In Metro Exodus, players will have the option of going at their own pace. Side missions are available to offer a break from the main storyline and objectives. Micro-experiences are created in classic Metro fashion.

We wanted to give the player more options, give them more of an ability to set their own pace. You could go and do the mission you were just given, to further something that’s obviously the main objective. but you could also go off and do something else. We wanted to weave in other opportunities to have these micro-experiences that are classically Metro, but that are not necessarily on that core narrative thread.

The large areas look gorgeous but there is so much more to the world above the grounds than just eye candy. Minimal UI forces the player to use binoculars and use a physical map to pinpoint points of interest in each zone. When an NPC needs to tell you the player where to go, it will often just point in that direction.

Metro Exodus is releasing on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and according to 4A Games, the game is using Nvidia RTX Ray Tracing. Moreover, a demo could be coming soon.