The NPC In God Of War Will Be Nowhere Near The NPC In Last Of Us 2, Neil Druckmann Claims

As soon as God Of War rolled out, there was nothing in the market that could compete, with its perfection and why would there be. The developers did work hard on making the game, as awesome as possible. However, it turns out its perfection regarding the few aspects of the game, is nowhere near to that of Last Of Us 2. Naughty Dog’s Neil Drunkmanns has recently made a claim that the NPC In Last Of Us 2 will be head and shoulders above, to that of NPC In God Of War.

We all remember the gameplay trailer of The Last Of Us 2, which was showcased at E3 2018 and of course, we certainly cannot ignore Ellie’s partner we saw in the trailer. She already made quite an impression but seems to be that there is more, to what we know about her.

According to Druckmann, the AI of Ellie’s partner will surely be above and beyond, compared to the NPC In God Of War. When we talk about God Of War, we certainly can not ignore the achievements of the game. God Of War in a month of its release managed to reach five million, which only defined its anticipation.

Coming in a friendly competition, with it is something that only a few are capable of doing, and perhaps Naughty Dog is one of them. That said, for those who have played God Of War they know that the NPC In God Of War, Atreus was not that advanced in terms of AI. In easy words, it was too simple for the game, especially in combat it was very limited in terms of response.

Perhaps that is where Druckmann aims to take the edge, by making the NPC In Last Of Us 2 more advanced. Talking about the friendly competitiveness between Santa Monica Studio and Naughty Dog, he said,

“We are friends with those guys [refering to Santa Monica Studio] And we gladly accept their friendly competitions, of any kind, and Cory Barlog can confirm this.”

Furthermore, he also added that both the studios have the similar creative process, which makes this healthy competition all the more interesting.

This certainly is a good thing that both the studios have a good understanding when it comes to their products because ultimately, this will be raising the bar for the better.

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Source: buzzfeed